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About me

To be honest, there's not all that much I tell you about me.
I don't really have any special talents or unique distinctions that separate me from anyone else.
Oh wait,
there is one thing....

For reasons that, so far, seem to elude physicians & scientists alike, whenever I fart, it smells like fresh roses.
Now, my doctor has stated to me, (off the record, of course) that I shouldn't rule out the possibility that it may due to the idea that I may very well be the much prophesized Second Coming.
However, as it is evidenced by the sloppy, sloth-riddened girth of my fat @ss (induced in major part by the amount of my life that I've wasted sitting on it in front of the computer, emptily commiseratin' with my fellow Listalophiles, posting girlfight videos on youtube & downloading onion-booty porn) I am not a person who shoulders responsibility all too well. Let alone leading an entire worldwide community out of sin.
I'm hoping that this enigmatic flatuent dilema o' mine is not actually a Divine bestowary, but is somehow more of a result of my diet.
I'm screwed.

As would be all of you.

Because, lemme tell you something,
if my pimp-@ss is gonna go down ( or in this case, the proper term may be "up"),
I'm taking as many of you f%#kers with me as I can.
I can guarantee y'all,
that this time around,
there ain't gonna be none of this "Forgive them for they know not what they do" bullsh#t.

Occupation: Self-Styled Philosopher


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"It's clean, real clean - like my conscience..."

Posted : 3 years, 5 months ago on 13 April 2013 07:03 (A review of Taxi Driver)

In my opinion, this was the first film to establish Robert Deniro's onscreen persona & his distinctive method of acting that he's known for, even up until to this day.
And that's probably more due to the film's director, Martin Scorcese, and his particular brand of directing. Scorcese really seemed to know when to allow Deniro's mannerisms to freight this portrayal of a cab diver whose loneliness in the vast sea of grime that was '70's era New York City was consuming him to the point of razor-edged madness.
It was an acting freedom that Scorcese used to maximum effect and which also allowed the supporting roles of Jodie Foster, Cybil Sheperd, Harvey Keitel, Albert Brooks & Danny Boyle to bring the depth of character that they were each able to contribute to the film (particularly, IMO, Foster & Keitel).
While Martin Scorcese is more famous for his movies that delve into the mafia lifestyle, I feel that his talent for depicting the grit of the streets, particularly of this time-period, cannot be understated & is what really carries the feel & weight of this story.
Taxi Driver is a true staple in the decade of 70's films, and a piece of high quality & expressive cinema that I really enjoy watching over & over again.

And yeah.....
I'm talking to you.

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Where There's A Will.....

Posted : 6 years, 2 months ago on 5 July 2010 06:06 (A review of Good Will Hunting)

Mork wins an Oscar for his portrayal of a down to Earth Southie with a sympathetic ear?
Well, how do you like them apples?

On the other end of the counselor's chair is Will Hunting, a "wicked smaht" young Southie who must come to terms with his past, his brawling behavior, his psychiatrist, his extra-ordinary talent & his tendency to run away from responsibility.
And finds that sometimes, the best way to heal old wounds,
is simply, to go see about a girl.

This was one of those films that really surprised me when I watched it,
not just cuz it turned out to be my favorite movie of that year, but also one of my favorite top ten films ever.
And if any of you out there reading this can't seem to come eye to eye with my over-all assessment of the high quality of this story,
fret not.
It's not your fault.

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GoodFellas review

Posted : 6 years, 2 months ago on 5 July 2010 06:05 (A review of GoodFellas)

"You know, we always called each other goodfellas. Like you said to, uh, somebody, 'You're gonna like this guy. He's all right. He's a goodfella. He's one of us. You understand?' We were goodfellas. Wiseguys."

When it comes to gangster movies, you just can't beat this one for charismatic energy. Goodfellas is my favorite Martin Scorcese film, for several reasons, but one of the main ones being the manner in which he pays close attention to the minute details that the members of a 60's-70's mafia family engage in for the sake of maintaining the lifestyle that they have so become accustomed to. Also, the way that the accomplished director progresses the story as to show how that type of self-contained lifestyle can only eventually crumble as the "normal" world outside of the Cosa Nostra continually changes & evolves.
And in the end, no matter how much of a goodfella you may be, you will either end up in prison, getting whacked, or the worst of 'em all, living the rest of your life like a schnook.

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The End Is Nigh

Posted : 6 years, 10 months ago on 11 November 2009 10:07 (A review of Apocalypse Now)

I tend to call this movie the "2001: A Space Odyssey" of the war genre in that it's a story of a long journey that culminates into a meeting with a strange godlike figure. And even though you might not know what it all meant, what you do know is that whatever it was, it was pretty damn epic & pretty damn cool.
The imagery & the surrealness of the film all lead up into a piece of work that could've easily been a number one film fave on any other director's filmography. And yet, for Francis Ford Coppola, the fact that there are still two more movies that IMO, are even better than this grand "arty" war epic (The Godfather Parts I & II) , is a great example that the 70's was a period of time that showcased the abilities of a great director during his prime.

BTW, Hearts Of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse, a documentary that follows the true story of how Apocalypse Now was made, is not only a great companion piece to this film, but a also a great work of cinema on it's own (definitely worth it's own watch).

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The Pinnacle Of The Force

Posted : 6 years, 10 months ago on 11 November 2009 10:02 (A review of Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back)

Sure, there are sci-fi films better written, or with, now much more grander & updated special effects. But other than Star Trek, none have the expansive imagination or have been able to touch the heart of an entire generation of nerds, particularly with such a long lasting impact, as the original Star Wars trilogy.
And while I know that Star Trek has affected more numbers of sci-fi geeks, but, for me, as "big" as their stories & concepts were, they never seemed to go all out with their depictions of aliens races as much as Wars. And as integalactic as they tried to make their stories, I never felt that they were as epic.
For the movie of Empire itself, I agree with the rest of the world that this is the pinnacle of the entire Star Wars franchise, with it's darker tone & cliff-hanger ending within it's still fairytale-like structure. The saga of the intergalactic war between the Empire & the Jedi-led Rebellion hits it stride as Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo, Princess Leia & the rest of the crew find themselves pursued & cornered by Darth Vader & the forces of the Dark Side.

The Empire Strikes Back came out at a time back when movies would stay in wide release, not for weeks at a time, but for months, and a few of 'em, like this one, for almost a full year.
From my own point of view, I think that, on the majority, audiences today have been so desensitized from so-so blockbusters being released every other week-end or so, that they will never get to fully understand or experience the feeling a big movie-event like Star Wars. The year of Empire was one of my fave summers ever as a kid. It was really cool knowing that I could hop on the city bus at any point during the season & go watch TESB. And every time that I did, the other audience members were just as excited to be seeing this film at the end of the summer as they were at the beginning. Every year that one of the 3 original films was released, you could feel the power of the "Force" within the air, and not just until the next "big" movie came out. You could actually feel it in the air for almost the entire year long. And then some.

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My Li-Oh Frenn Says 'Ello

Posted : 7 years ago on 12 September 2009 08:25 (A review of Scarface)

Okay, let's get this part out of the way;
"Say 'ello tu my lil-oh frenn!"
Now, with that most over-used movie-line over & done with,
Scarface is the in-your-face, over-the-top character that will always iconically follow the career of Al Pacino.
The rise & fall of drug kingpin who literally started out nothing & pyrrhically ends up with everything the drug-world has to offer.
One of those rare times for an actor where upon it's over-the-top performance is considered so perfect for the role, that's its almost impossible to imagine it done in any other fashion.
Pacino is brutal, heartless & violent not just the way he handles the character of, but also with the way he handles the Cuban accent (something he does again, but this time with a Puerto rican accent & not with as much of an iconic effect, in 1997's Carlito's Way).
As the movie tagline says: "He loved the American Dream. With a Vengeance."


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The Original Magnificent Seven

Posted : 7 years ago on 12 September 2009 08:17 (A review of Seven Samurai)

Considered Akira Kurosawa's most accomplished work, Seven Samurai is a black & white classic whose story has inspired many a film afterwards, most notably (& one of my favorites) the Magnificent Seven.
It's a story of the Old East, which coincidently enough, runs themes which will eventually become staples in movies dealing with the Old West.
Here, the heros are truly heroes, but each is shown as a distinctive individual, with human traits & flaws that allow for the empty space to be felt whenever a warrior falls, in battles that, as the movies states, are never truly won.


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Better Than Going To The Drive-Thru

Posted : 7 years ago on 12 September 2009 08:15 (A review of Grindhouse)

Despite Tarantino's sub-par effort on Death Proof, there was still enough in his half (like the car-chase & the first "car-killing" by the "car-killer") that added to the much superior first half, Planet Terror, a zombie-fest by Robert Rodriguez. And while the shlock that comes with most zombie flicks usually puts me off, Robert Rodriguez's style of depicting his half of The Grindhouse as a caricature of a genre that has already gone cartoonishly over the top, makes this a walking undead gore-a-rama that I could not only stomach, but enjoy as well. Coupled with a modern sense of violence that we've all mindlessly grown to love, it's a zombie action flick of an energetic quality that sparked some life into my usually dead reaction to most shambling corpse fare.
So, if you're into chicks with guns, zombie apocalypeses & amputees (& let's be honest.... who isn't?), then this is the zombie flick for you.

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A Prestigious Act

Posted : 7 years ago on 12 September 2009 08:12 (A review of The Prestige)

An H.G. Wellsesque type of sci-fi thriller told thru the modern directing & co-writing talents Christopher Nolan.
And while this pic isn't as grand as The Dark Knight, I must admit, I found myself enjoying the story in this one more. For it's premise, The Prestige is overall innovative & cohesively engaging.

A fantasy plot of the age of early 20th century magicks whose complex twists & turns eventually all complete their spiral turns to lead into a surprise climax that the viewer can still satisfyingly comprehend & enjoyably appreciate.
That is, if the proper amount of suspension is applied to one's belief. And when it comes to magic, let's be honest: no matter how physically impossible it may seem, at a certain level, we all want to believe.

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V for Very Good

Posted : 7 years ago on 12 September 2009 08:08 (A review of V for Vendetta)

A dystopian british nation must be saved by the tyrannical totalitarian government under which it has become subjected to since a recent nuclear war that has left much of the Earth crippled. And who will act as the people's modern/futuristic Robin Hood, to inspire hope within the masses of a spiritually tattered land of The United kingdom? In this case, it will be the mask vigilante known as "V". And so confident is this anarchist avenger of the masses, that he requires naught but swords to combat gunplay, a name no longer than that of a single letter, and a mask based not on of fear, but one based instead on a visage of a happy but rebellious historical figure.

Alan Moore's storytelling is just so rich in detail, atmosphere & concepts, that it can almost seem impossible to capture even just a sliver of it's essence onto a film adaptation. Therefor, even though this movie quite obviously cannot compare to the comicbook series, just the fact that it was able to retain anything at all from Mr. Moore's work to any kind of degree of consistency to the story
(which, IMO, is the only movie to do so far) is enough to mark it as a success for me.

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Close Encounters of the Third Kind
In this this Spielberg classic, the otherworlders have made contact. And at first, that makes us humans afraid. But when we finally come face to face with 'em, we realize that the fear we felt was based more on own insecurities than it was on these bug-eyed long-fingered lil' grey angels from space (although, you have to admit, the fact that they have a knack of kidnapping a few of our jet-fighters, not to mention a kid or two, and then instill mental images of their landing site in own minds, urging us to ruin a plateful of perfectly good mash potatoes, doesn't help much to quell our apprehension of the little buggers). To this day, even with jaded eyes overwhelmed with modern CGI gimmicktry , the special effects in Close Encounters, combined with their elegant integration to the story's premise, this film still leaves me with a sense of awe after each viewing. The kind of awe that I used to feel as kid whenever I would look up all the stars in the sky on clear summer night, and wonder at all of the possibilities that must've been up there. Mannnn.... I wish a UFO would come down and fly my fat, hairy pimp-ass away into the limitless potential of space. (Sans anal-probes, of course.)
7 hours, 51 minutes ago
Lost in Translation
Shattered Glass
Old School
The Last Samurai

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The Mighty Celestial posted a list
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Jackie Brown
L.A. Confidential
The Spanish Prisoner
The Fifth Element
Donnie Brasco

1 week, 3 days ago
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1 week, 3 days ago
Fly Away Home
Hard Eight
The English Patient
Lone Star
The Funeral

1 week, 3 days ago
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Before Sunrise
Anne Frank Remembered

1 week, 3 days ago
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Little Odessa
Four Weddings and a Funeral
The Shawshank Redemption

1 week, 3 days ago
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1 week, 3 days ago
Iron Monkey
Short Cuts
Menace II Society

1 week, 3 days ago
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Killing Zoe
The Player

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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

1 week, 3 days ago
The Mighty Celestial posted a list
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City of Hope
Cape Fear
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
City Slickers
Barton Fink

1 week, 3 days ago
Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker
35 Up
The Commitments
Little Man Tate

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Posted: 10 months, 2 weeks ago at Nov 19 1:30
Hi. If you're interested, come check out...


Thanks for letting me waste your time.
Posted: 2 years, 8 months ago at Jan 23 0:17
thanx 4 all your votes my new friend.:)
Posted: 2 years, 8 months ago at Jan 20 15:48
Thanks for the comments and recommendations: Dark/ Punks/ Alternative Girls

Posted: 2 years, 9 months ago at Dec 25 23:41
For being a great friend and providing great content, I thank you and wish you a...
Posted: 3 years, 3 months ago at Jun 5 23:25
Thank you for the comment and vote on my Kate Winslet list.
Posted: 3 years, 10 months ago at Nov 18 0:19
Thanks for the vote and comment!

Not sure if I think Gillian Anderson is the absolute hottest ginger girl, but she's definitively one of them. ;)
Posted: 3 years, 10 months ago at Nov 16 13:41
Do you mind if I make my own movies A to Z? Really like your idea.
Posted: 3 years, 11 months ago at Nov 4 10:29
Hey, what up.
Just wanted to give a shoutout for your "Yet Another Listal Member's Top 20 Fave Movies" list. I've had that on my bookmarks probably for about 2 years. Such a great combination of pictures and words and so enjoyable to read, that it singlehandedly inspired me to do my own similar list (only much wordier and dryer). You can check it out here if interested: http://www.listal.com/list/larris-top40-favorite-films
So, again, very nice work!
Posted: 4 years, 3 months ago at Jun 5 0:12
Thanks for the comments on my list. A couple of them aren't on Listal and I didn't want to waste the time starting one and this is still a work in progress.
Posted: 4 years, 10 months ago at Nov 8 3:22
Thanks for the vote.
Posted: 4 years, 11 months ago at Oct 16 18:32
thanks for the suggestion I will soon see those movies :) I was thinkin about put a "suggestion section" in the list!
Posted: 5 years ago at Sep 13 22:05
Thanks so much! By the way, you've got the best and most hilarious "About Me" section I've ever seen. :) Glad to meet someone else who has actually seen Julia and appreciated it. Tilda Swinton was terrific.
Posted: 5 years, 4 months ago at Jun 2 18:24
Thank you muchly for the support for my list, Greatest Giant Monstes/Robot, pal! =]
Posted: 5 years, 8 months ago at Feb 2 23:52
Thanks for the "Purple-Haired"-List comment and for reminding: How COULD I forget Hit-Girl?^^
Posted: 5 years, 11 months ago at Oct 23 8:46
Thank you for your comment!
Have a nice weekend
Posted: 6 years, 2 months ago at Jul 8 10:22
P.S. - I'm including your Favorite Giant Monster Movies list in my Giant Monsters Series. Hope you don't mind, but I think any list that covers the best can be good for those new to the genre. =)
Posted: 6 years, 2 months ago at Jul 8 10:20
That's, uh... One way to do an About Me section. =P
Posted: 6 years, 3 months ago at Jun 14 4:30
Yeah, I liked Streep in the role, that's why I put her at #19. It sounded like you had missed it there, so I wanted to let you know I agree. Cheers!
Posted: 6 years, 7 months ago at Mar 5 2:39
Heyy you're lists are very interesting!! :)
Posted: 6 years, 7 months ago at Feb 11 18:59
Your list are awesome. They make me happy. Keep 'em coming!

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